What is Litterati?

Litterati harnesses the power of the crowd and data to make litter a thing of the past. It’s a platform made for people who care about the environment and want to take simple actions that lead to real, lasting change. Think of it like crowd-sourcing the cleaning of our planet.

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How does it work?

1. Find a piece of discarded litter
2. Photograph yourself with it
3. Tag the type of litter it is, as well as the material it’s made of and the brand
4. Properly dispose of the litter

You can also join or create challenges. They can range in size from as small as covering your local neighborhood, all the way to global initiatives. Through the power of networking people all over the earth, Litterati actively partners with cities, governments, corporations, and brands to help create better systems and policies that can lead to a healthier and cleaner planet for us all.

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A step-by-step guide for using Litterati.

1. Photograph a piece of litter
Find a discarded coffee cup, crushed soda can, candy wrapper, or any other piece of litter, and take a picture.

2. Discard properly and tag the photo
The app automatically geo-tags the image, and our Litterati tool recommends tags for what kind of litter it is. Confirm the tags to help the Litterati app keep learning.

3. Invite or challenge others
Want to collaborate (or compete) with others to help keep your street, neighborhood, school grounds, or city clean? Litterati can help you team up!

4. Use litter data to inspire change
Litterati members all over the world have been able to use litter data to get companies, organizations, and governments to create positive environmental policy changes. You can, too!

5. Grow your impact
Watch over time as your personal impact, the impact of your local community, and the worldwide Litterati team grows to make the earth clean, healthy, and beautiful.

6. Share your impact
While everyone else shows off their vacation pics and what they ate for dinner, spread the word about the positive impact you're contributing to the planet.


Be Aware

Do you know a cigarette butt can take 15 years to decompose? They may be little, but they add up to a huge problem.

Get involved

Get Involved

The best way for us to combat this issue is together—from joining local clean up groups, to national and international campaigns, or simply just making sure you dispose of butt litter properly.

Be inspired

Be Inspired

On our journey to eradicate litter, we’ve been inspired by a lot of people and organizations who share our passion for a less polluted environment.