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The Issue of Cigarette Butt Litter

Cigarette butts are one of the most littered items in the world. Fact. Individually they might seem insignificant, but they add up to a huge problem. That’s because they can take between three months and fifteen years to break down when thrown away, and that means they play a role in the plastic pollution we all face.

What is a cigarette butt made of?

Many smokers simply aren’t aware of the environmental implications of throwing away their cigarette butts. They’re made of cellulose acetate, a type of bioplastic, and tens of thousands of them are littered every single second. 

While the chemicals they contain are present in such small amounts that they have no impact on the natural environment, all the plastic butts put together create a major part of the world’s litter problem.

 If smokers continue throwing them away as much as they do now, within the next 10 years, there might be more cigarette butts in the ocean than fish. That’s a sobering thought. 

What can people do? 

People need to change how they think and how they act, right now. 

The solution is very simple. If you’re an adult smoker, always ensure you stub out your butt and dispose of your cigarette butts properly in an ashtray or a bin. If you regularly smoke far from an ashtray, equip yourself with a portable ashtray.

But getting people to change their habit is hard. That’s where smokers and non-smokers can unite, by making smokers aware of the environmental impact of flicking their butts away. By asking businesses event organizers and manufacturers to provide more ashtrays and bins for smokers to put their butts in. 

Cigarette butt

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Cigarettes butts are disposed of improperly
Cigarette butts in the ocean

Be Aware

be Inspired

Be Inspired

On our journey to eradicate litter, we’ve been inspired by a lot of people and organizations who share our passion for a less polluted environment. Their actions and their work help to raise awareness of litter through art and industry.

Get Involved

Get Involved

The best way for us to combat this issue is together. These are some great things to get involved. Let’s work together to make the world litter free (pending approval)

Be change

A cigarette butt can take up to 15 years to decompose


In ten years there might be more cigarette butts in the ocean than fish



A cigarette butt can take up to 15-years to decompose


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